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Kevin H
  Hi, I'm Kevin H, 59 years old living in Bainbridge, NY, United States

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About him
Marital Status: single - never marriedI go to services: twice a month
Hair Color: dark blondeEthnicity: White/Caucasian
Hair Style: clean cutBorn in: USA
Eye Color: blue - lightHeight: 5'7" (170cm)
Education: master's degreeBody Type: average
Studies: religionOccupation: Nursing
No. of Children: no childrenIncome: 25,000 to 35,000
Custody: I have no childrenSmoking Habits: never
Children: I definitely want childrenDrinking Habits: never

More About Me

When I look at ads I sometimes feel excited over the possibilities of getting to know this person better; will this be a friend, more than friends? Maybe even that one special friendship that is to be shared only between you and me? What would it take for you to want to know more about me? I just returned to Upstate New York, after 11 years in California. I love to travel, both locally and overseas. Of Norwegian heritage I have blonde hair, kind, yet mischievous blue eyes, and ja jeg snakker Norsk. Most of my break ups have been where the relationship becomes long distance, and eventually the girl meets someone new, and I become a pen-pal that lasts over the years: How many other guys come with references? I have not really been in relationships that end in arguments. I enjoy romantic things and would rather sweeten your life than to say plop in front of a TV to watch sports. I love going to places that have ethnic and cultural flavors.

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  the possibility of marriage

The person I am looking for:

Someone with a sense of adventure, who wants to have a place to call home, yet willing to have that be the base to travel from. Someone who is willing to challenge my thinking, and discuss topics from politics to religion, to career to romance. I would encourage you in your career and educational goals, but who believes in working to live, not living for work. Someone who loves to be kissed after a candle light dinner, and maybe a massage after soaking in a hot bath, or sit with the history channel, or laugh at a classic comedy, or taking off to explore the world, especially New York, or the Northeast. Someone who is caring and loves the Lord. While I am willing to see what possibilities can happen, and have always dreamed of a nice Scandinavian wife, in reality I've tended to find my best relationships have been with women from the Middle East or Asia.

My Personality Traits


Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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Kind, Loyal even during the hard times of life. Someone who they can trust to talk to and not have what they said held against them. As I said, my break ups have tended to be when a long distance relationship meets a guy who is local, but even so a large number of my former girlfriends still enjoy contact and friendship with me over the years. And yes I do respect the difference between me as their friend and the new man as their boyfriends/husbands.

What I enjoy

I Like To Read biographies, business, poetry, self help
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music christian gospel, oldies but goodies, soft rock
The Pets I Like/Own bird, cat, dog, fish
When I Go Out, I Enjoy beaches, lectures/classes/study, live theatre, zoos
How Often I Exercise active (2-3 times a week)
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities baseball, boating, bowling, roller-skating, volleyball, walking
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities bible study, cooking, eating, reading, surfing the web, videos
My Favorite Foods Chinese, Indian, Thai, vegetarian
Do you enjoy cooking I really enjoy cooking

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for all my life
Dietary Lifestyle I follow the dietary laws
My main interest in ministry is teaching

About my faith life

I love the Lord, my attraction to religion is more the Archaeology and Biblical studies rather than more Pop Religion. I am a strong believer in the Adventist faith, I love Mrs. White and 1844, but I tend to have a moderate to slightly liberal approach. I very much appreciate the views of people such as Lynn Wood, Paul Heubach, and Graham Maxwell. I am also quite interdenominational, respecting where people are in their growth and encouraging even deeper growth in the Lord, and not just to other Christians, but to all faiths, especially Jews and Muslims. --The 1844 movement went through Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups, and from my understanding of the Bible and Mrs. White, so will last day revival and evangelism. Satan fears what these three religions could do if they shared what we have, thus he is having us fight among each other. Being a Seventh-day Adventist gives us an understanding of the issues of the great controversy, the truth about how God will deal with his rebellious children in the end, and religious freedom / liberty of conscience, so that it helps us to know how to reach out to different people, to encourage their relationship with God.

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

Over the next year I hope to have all my non-student loan debt paid up, and to buy the family home that my Grandfather built by hand. I am working in the nursing field in both a local hospital and the military, I hope to advance either by taking classes to move into administration, or else a Ph.D. in Psychology. But my big goal is along with buying the house, is to meet a special woman to marry, if she is still young, to help you get your education and financial independence, and that we start a family. My big goal in life has always been to be a husband and father. Life sent detours, but I hope that we can reach that goal.