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  Hi, I'm SOL777, 50 years old living in Arraial D'Ajuda, Brazil

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About her
Marital Status: divorcedI go to services: occasionally
Hair Color: dark blondeEthnicity: Latino/Hispanic
Hair Style: long and wavyBorn in: Brazil
Eye Color: hazel - brownHeight: 5'8" (173cm)
Education: bachelor's degreeBody Type: shapely and toned
Studies: social sciencesOccupation: Decorating
No. of Children: 2 childrenIncome: undisclosed
Custody: full-timeSmoking Habits: never
Children: I do not want more childrenDrinking Habits: never

More About Me

I'm a fully realized woman but if there is someone who can add something positive, gentle and loving I'd like to meet him.I have Jesus as the conductor of my life, my First Love.Not because I was convicted by religion, but because I'm free to want Him in my life.I expect someone similar (a free spirit with Jesus, willing to travel for volunteer work around the world and build a home of love with me).The basis of a relationship are the affinities, so I will try to explain a little bit about me: I have two lovely kids who will soon go to college, I'm educated, punctual, organized, dedicated to home and work.I live in a tropical country where joy is natural and people are typically in a good mood, but my joy grows when I'm in the company of simple and accessible people.Interior design is my profession.I like the day more than the night, except to admire the stars and all the works of my Creator.I love to pray and I wonder how incredible that will be with my sweet best friend. I love to exchange cultural information. I don't attend church much because I have felt a little uncomfortable without a partner. I prefer Bible studies at home and put into practice James1:27.

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  open to possibilities

The person I am looking for:

I hope for an attractive man of God,50-55,with adult children,a sweet partner, my best friend, someone who can see me far beyond my appearance.Elegant(good manners are really important to me),a tidy and fragrant man, someone with stockpiles of optimism and love for life and the people.He shouldn't be overly addicted to any sports, takes care of himself physically, mentally and spiritually, enjoys healthy food and life, polite, good character, calm (one of the most beautiful things I read is that the power of a man is in his humility and meekness), romantic, respectful, organized, who likes family life, cultivate good friends, stable in his profession and his financial life.And you're saving yourself for the right person, just like I am.I believe that just as we have a free will given by God, the true love can only manifest in an environment of freedom and respect.So, I reject jealousy, insecurity and dominion over the other.All these things don't come from God. Here is a brazilian song called GO BACK .The chorus says: ''I just want to know what can be right, I have no time to lose '' That's it!For me and for you.Please, I do not want contacts from the Laodiceans(lukewarm christians).

My Personality Traits


Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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I go to the beach a lot because I live in front of the sea, I like to take care of my spirit, mind and body, gymnastics with weight at home because I don't like congested places, full and noisy, Pilates, cooking, sewing and embroidering, painting, drawing, walking, reading, writing, riding horses, driving, dancing (alone at home during the gym or with you), pets, gardening and landscaping, photography, art exhibitions.I also really love doing nothing, just watching the rain fall or spend an entire day in bed watching movies. I like watching news.Is an opportunity to pray for the victims around the world.I feel blessed to live in a country that has a solid geological structure with few natural disasters, without wars and with many natural resources. I love songs that bring me closer to God, brazilian songs (Bossa Nova,MPB), concerts and classic musics.Types of movies I like: ''Out of Africa'', ''Nights in Rodanthe'',''Walk on the Woods'', ''Pride and Prejudice'', ''It's Complicated'', ''You've got mail'', ''The Bucket List'', ''Something's Gotta Give'', ''Le Comte de Monte-Cristo'', etc.

What I enjoy

I Like To Read decorating, home improvements, health and wellness, photography, romance
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music christian alternative, classical, pop
The Pets I Like/Own cat, dog, other
When I Go Out, I Enjoy art galleries, beaches, bookstores, movies
How Often I Exercise active (2-3 times a week)
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities aerobics/fitness, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, walking, working out
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities bible study, listen to music, photography, reading, sewing, television
My Favorite Foods I cook my own, Italian, Thai, vegetarian
Do you enjoy cooking My cooking is okay

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for 6 years
Dietary Lifestyle I am vegetarian but eat eggs and fish
My main interest in ministry is mission fields

About my faith life

In my understanding, life with Christ is not a religious experience, but an incomparable power coating. I was born in a catholic home and the image of God has always been present in my life.But I came to truly know Him six years ago when I was baptized with my children. Since then I do not want any life other than this and I regret the time lost without Jesus.I have my mind constantly connected with God and I love to pray, especially when I wake up before starting my day and during the sunset. The verse that summarizes my relationship with God is Isaias 54:4-8. It's hard not to cry at this promise.I always wished to hear the voice of God but for a long time the voices of the world distracted me and disconnected me from the Creator.The Bible is teaching me the ways for this communication to be restored.A healthier food closer to organic vegetables and fruits, water intake, solar exposure, the quality of what we hear, see and read, abstinence from alcohol, smoke or other drugs, physical activities, intermittent fasting, living close to nature are effective ways to restore this connection.

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

Move forward professionally, marry of my children and start a time for myself with someone very special by my side.Of course, considering the plans that God has for me ... I hope they are the same as mine (Proverbs 16:9). I work in the restoration and decoration of houses and shops.Currently I am relocating my work team.In the near future I will retire and start my dream job as a volunteer worker. My best advice is " love yourself first", really honor your alone time, celebrating yourself...Don't wait for others be your own greatest lover now. This way , the right will be attracted to you, to give you all the love you give paradise on earth. I'm paying member on the trianguleoflove or you can contact me sol-mercado at