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  Hi, I'm Throughitall, 78 years old living in Mohave Valley, AZ, United States

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About him
Marital Status: divorcedI go to services: every week
Hair Color: grayEthnicity: White/Caucasian
Hair Style: clean cutBorn in: USA
Eye Color: hazel - greenHeight: 5'11" (180cm)
Education: technical degreeBody Type: firm and toned
Studies: medicineOccupation: Retired
No. of Children: 5 childrenIncome: undisclosed
Custody: I have adult childrenSmoking Habits: never
Children: I do not want more childrenDrinking Habits: never

More About Me

* SORRY BUT I AM INACTIVE NOW * Signed: Charles H. Clever . Being a worldly agnostic before Christ, I knew that if God really existed, I would serve Him unflinchingly. As one untimely born, God led me to the foot of Calvary. I have been there and done that and will never look back, being an unfaltering Adventist for 40 years. I trust God's Word and have read 10 different Bible translations as well as the 9-vol. "Testimonies"--four times; finished the 5th reading of the EGW 6 vol. Biography, and read about everything else ABC has on the Spirit of Prophecy. . God led me in the past, and I know He is preparing me for greater trials. I look forward to being among those translated alive without tasting death. . I love missionary evangelism, holding seminars in the States and Latin countries--instrument in about 1,000 baptisms. How is this possible? I was blessed with an acoustical injury that disqualified me for regular employment; this set me free with full retirement benefits and country home. . Risking insults, I witness to anyone who listens, be it at the beach, shopping, sitting beside me on an airplane or wherever opportunities present. God has given us a unique message--and calls us

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  wherever God leads

The person I am looking for:

. I am adjusting to living alone but don't like it and it is not God's original plan. ;) . We should not be unequally yoked. Can two walk together and not be agreed? A mate should be a lover of God rather than a lover of the world. The Remnant will finish the work and keep the commandments of God while having the faith and testimony of Jesus. . She should strive to walk that narrow path with me, keeping her eyes on Jesus with the goal of enduring a time of trouble that there never was since there was a nation. . She should believe that all Heaven is interested in the saints who follow Jesus, and believe He has made provisions for us, to see us through to that moment when we are changed in a twinkle of the eye ;-) . She should guard the avenues of the soul and be a lover of heavenly things, including the Remnant who have Spirit of Prophecy. . As a servant of Christ, she should not be prone to self-exaltation but willing to leave the broad road and take the narrow path seldom taken, letting Jesus lead the way.

My Personality Traits

friendlygood listenerhonestimaginative

Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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Devout,straight-forward, loving, dedicated, humorous, extra- ordinary, faithful, personable, learned, intelligent, informed, honest, compassionate, capable, trustworthy, charming yet sincere. One person said there is a little boy locked inside me--another said he is neither little or locked; yes, I have a sense of humor :D

What I enjoy

I Like To Read biographies, history, health and wellness, non-fiction, short stories
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music christian country, christian gospel, praise and worship
The Pets I Like/Own bird, cat, dog, fish
When I Go Out, I Enjoy cafes, congregations, lectures/classes/study, quiet settings
How Often I Exercise very often (everyday)
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities camping, gardening, hiking, volleyball, walking, working out
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities bible study, cooking, listen to music, playing musical instrument, surfing the web, writing
My Favorite Foods Chinese, I cook my own, Mexican, vegetarian
Do you enjoy cooking I really enjoy cooking

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for 20 years or more
Dietary Lifestyle I follow the dietary laws
My main interest in ministry is evangelism

About my faith life

Jesus is my all in all. I study Bible history, spending an entire year reading everything the early church fathers wrote for two centuries. Studied the church historian Eusebius, then the works of Socrates Scolasticus who wrote into the sixth century. I have read the biographies of people like David Livingston, Martin Luther, Newton, Spurgeon, etc., and know what I believe and why I believe it. God has a Remnant Church, and as defective as it is--it will finish its God-given mission; I will not abandon the ship and join "fringe elements." Also, I have publications that promotes longevity and builds faith to endure coming events--ask me for them--I'm really clever -- Charles H. Clever

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

To walk by faith, taking one day at a time while looking for God's providential leading. In five years we might still be preaching the 3-angels message and possibly living 100 percent off home-grown food; eating manna in the wilderness, or have entered into the glory prepared for us from the foundation of the world. PHOTOS: Portrait taken in my bedroom, 2013; portrait, 2000; Sun-tanned from the beach in 1978;Green Suit after church; my companion mini-schnauzer named Princessa at the beach in Costa Rica; with a friend somewhere on the Colorado River.