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  Hi, I'm WillPower, 29 years old living in Charmhaven, Australia

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About him
Marital Status: single - never marriedI go to services: every week
Hair Color: blackEthnicity: other
Hair Style: short and wavyBorn in: New Zealand
Eye Color: brown - darkHeight: 6'1" (185cm)
Education: high schoolBody Type: broad build
Studies: bibleOccupation: Ministry
No. of Children: no childrenIncome: 15,000 to 25,000
Custody: full-timeSmoking Habits: never
Children: I definitely want childrenDrinking Habits: never

More About Me

Hi sisters, My name is William. I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. I'm 28 years old at the moment, will be turning 29 very soon. I'm the only Adventist in my family, still living with my parents, hoping that one day I can move out of home, get married, start a family of my own, setting a good, Christ-centered example for my future children based on Biblical principles & the standard of godly living. I am a hard worker, enjoy exercising a lot, studying the word of God, singing traditional hymns & having my quiet time with God out in the wilderness, at home or doing God's work with the local community in my area. I get a bit lonely at times so I don't mind having small company around me I feel comfortable with it. I feel confident having conversations face to face instead of using my phone, social networking sites or email. So yes this is who I am sisters, I am very gentle, loving, kind & caring person. I have a desire to bless & value people as much as I can & try my best without getting self-absorbed, self-interested & self-centered. Humility is the key to think of others more important than myself, to invest & value them, to have quality & be productive.

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  wherever God leads

The person I am looking for:

The right, suitable person who God can provide for my necessities & desires - physical, as well as emotional & spiritual needs.

My Personality Traits

caringfriendlygood listenerimaginative

Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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Others have described me of being kind, generous, humble, gentle, friendly, likeable, soft-hearted & loving person. I am willing to help people in any situations I can, & God's wisdom to know the difference.

What I enjoy

I Like To Read adventures, biographies, history, health and wellness, newspapers
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music classical, praise and worship
The Pets I Like/Own bird, cat, dog, other
When I Go Out, I Enjoy beaches, congregations, parks, quiet settings
How Often I Exercise active (2-3 times a week)
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities aerobics/fitness, hiking, jogging, running, walking, working out
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities bible study, cooking, eating, listen to music, videos, writing
My Favorite Foods Indian, fast food, Thai, vegetarian
Do you enjoy cooking My cooking is okay

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for 2 years
Dietary Lifestyle vegetarian
My main interest in ministry is ministry of helpers

About my faith life

My faith continues to grow as I continue to deepen my relationship with God through study, prayer, sharing & also learning to not only be a hearer of God's word, but to be a doer, putting His words into practice as well as action, it should be done in prayer as this is my first priority. Faith without works is dead (James 2:26) . We should have faith, trust & confidence in God as well as action with principle, the principle of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). God is love. In order to have love in our lives, we must know the Source of love, & that is God Himself. This is something I like to share with anyone who is looking for other-centered love towards people, including myself. God bless you & I'm looking forward to having a chat with y'all.

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

To be married, to have a family & raise my future children in a Christ-centered environment whether in a home, school & church. To be a good role model for children, teenagers & young adults, sharing my life experiences to inspire them & win their confidence. To be faithful, to win as many souls to heaven as much as possible according to God's will. Really look deep into God's word as I continue to study it, be resourceful & teachable to share with people.