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  Hi, I'm mk112, 68 years old living in ,

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About him
Marital Status: widowedI go to services: every week
Hair Color: salt & pepperHair Style: medium and wavy
Born in: USAEye Color: blue - dark
Education: bachelor's degreeStudies: engineering
Occupation: TeacherNo. of Children: no children
Income: undisclosedCustody: I have no children
Smoking Habits: neverChildren: I do not want more children
Drinking Habits: never

More About Me

[email protected] , this email does work. This site may not allow you to create an account with contact details in it but once created, you can edit the profile. I am not able to respond to emails with this account. I have done a bit of horseback riding but still need to learn a lot. ............. I have tried many times to get them to delete this profile but nothing seems to work. Even putting contact information in the profile doesn't get the job done. I have read in other profiles that once you set up a payment plan to this site, it is almost impossible to get them to stop renewing a subscription. Because of that, I will never give them any money. I prefer not to get acquainted on Facebook. I used to play chess with my uncle. He would usually win in less than 10 moves.

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  wherever God leads

The person I am looking for:

If anyone wants to include e-mail info in their profile, I would suggest creating a temporary account (my service allows me to create up to 10 accounts) and then, if anyone gets out of line in their e-mails, you can delete the account. I would like to talk to a vegetarian or vegan. I would like to be with someone that would make us both better witnesses for Jesus. There are several ladies on this site that I would like to start a conversation with. Hope to hear from you sometime. While I would be willing to marry anyone that God chooses (Hosea) I would prefer not to marry someone that I am old enough to be their father. So 55 to 67 is pretty good. 50 to 55 a little sketchy. Less than 50 I would need to see the handwriting on the wall.

My Personality Traits

contemplativegood listenerpatientquiet

Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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[email protected] If anyone is interested enough to try to contact me, this e-mail does work. So far, the only people to contact me were a couple of scammers. I guess that is to be expected. Most sane people would not use an email from a dating site. Here is something else to scare most people off. The only reason that I need to stay away from the traditional celebration of Christmas is that Hollywood loves the tradition.

What I enjoy

I Like To Read history
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music christian gospel, classical
When I Go Out, I Enjoy parks, quiet settings
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities cycling, camping, horseback riding, motorcycling
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities bible study, surfing the web
My Favorite Foods Chinese, I cook my own, Mexican, vegetarian
Do you enjoy cooking My cooking is okay

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for all my life
Dietary Lifestyle vegetarian
My main interest in ministry is mission fields

About my faith life

[email protected] Please remove this profile. By faith alone. By grace alone. By scripture alone. Through Christ alone. Glory to God alone.

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

The profile photo was taken while I was growing my hair out for "Locks of Love". My sister had passed away from cancer and one of the last things she did was cut her hair (it was almost down to her waist) and give it to "Locks of Love" so, in her memory, I wanted to do the same. The non-profile photo is more current. . . . . . . . . Just a note to those that edit their profile often. If you don't retype the introduction line, it ends up being one word with a lot of quotation marks around it. :)