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  Hi, I'm prolific_pen, 38 years old living in Berrien Springs, MI, United States

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About him
Marital Status: single - never marriedI go to services: every week
Hair Color: blackEthnicity: Middle Eastern
Hair Style: short and straightBorn in: USA
Eye Color: green - lightHeight: 6'2" (188cm)
Education: bachelor's degreeBody Type: heavy
Studies: engineeringOccupation: Editor
No. of Children: no childrenIncome: undisclosed
Custody: I have no childrenSmoking Habits: never
Children: Not sure if I want childrenDrinking Habits: never

More About Me

I have lived near Andrews for about twelve years. The first decade was dedicated to working with Adventist Frontier Missions, in a financial role. For the past two years, I have been a freelance editor (with a little writing on the side), steadily building my portfolio. In a moment of candor, there was recently a several-year stretch where I was negligent of my health and fitness, so there is currently "a lot of me to love". The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and I have taken some steps forward. Being a staunch realist, sometimes to a fault, I recognize that this is an issue within romantic parameters, and understandably so. However much patience a special young lady wants to exercise as I approach "less of me to love" is up to her. Credibility matters, and I am willing to earn it by moving forward in this journey, as well as sharing with anyone interested, or even just curious, worthwhile attributes that I more readily possess. Anyhow, my hobbies include sports (spectating and participating), driving, reading (how much so depends on my workload), and hanging out with family and friends. You are welcome to inquire further. Fb - southpaw.simon

I am interested in

What I am Looking for  wherever God leads

The person I am looking for:

My non-negotiables are pretty simple - dedicated to Christ, sharing Him and the Three Angels' Messages with others in some capacity, and becoming increasingly prepared for His soon return. Honesty and trustworthiness are up here too. Somewhat intertwined with this, I hope we challenge each other to grow when necessary. I would prefer someone who, overall, has a gentle disposition. With that said, I appreciate some feisty moments here and there. I also appreciate the outdoors, but I am not outdoorsy. Camping and I don't get along. If she takes stuff like this seriously, I'm willing to expand my horizons within reason. Healthy, substantive conversation means a lot to me. Within that, I hope we'll find that we are on a similar intellectual plane. My culinary skills are limited. If hers are broader, that's great. If not, it's okay. We'll figure out something. Don't hesitate to ask me more.

My Personality Traits

funnygood listenerintelligentloyal

Others have described me as having these exceptional traits.

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Very dependable; good at moderating, reconciling, keeping peace; edgy; anxious; stubborn, though still pretty flexible more often than not; great sense of humor; loyal.

What I enjoy

I Like To Read magazines, non-fiction, newsletters
I Enjoy Listening To The Following Music choral, classical, gospel
The Pets I Like/Own none
When I Go Out, I Enjoy bookstores, parks, quiet settings, sports events
How Often I Exercise very often (everyday)
My Favorite Outdoor And Physical Activities bowling, hockey, ping pong, swimming, volleyball
My Favorite Indoor/Home Activities board games, bible study, card games, reading, surfing the web, television
My Favorite Foods American, Chinese, Indian, Italian
Do you enjoy cooking My cooking is okay

My religious background

I have been a Seventh Day Adventist for 20 years or more
Dietary Lifestyle I am vegetarian but eat eggs and fish
My main interest in ministry is teaching

About my faith life

I'm still a work in progress, but I'm thankful for the promise in Phil. 1:6. I've had issues with trust for as long as I can remember, and unfortunately this does carry over to my dynamic with God. He's helping me achieve improvement in that regard. Somewhat connected with the trust issues is my independent streak, but again, He's helping me better embrace reliance on Him. I'm thankful that He has given me a keen awareness in general, as well as an ability to more instinctively see things, explicit or seemingly mundane, against the backdrop of the great controversy.

My plans for the next 5 years and life goals

I'm pretty confident that editing and writing are the right fit for me. I'm fine with continuing to freelance, though there would need to be more ups than downs, or finding a steady position in publishing, communications, media, periodicals, whatever. I want to be married. This is all in His hands. I'm about 50/50 on kids - cool either way. She and I can discuss it further.